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  • Help Borge and Joanika Recover from the Fire

    Animator Borge RingOscar Winner, Borge Ring is an artist who has spent his life animating stories to delight audiences around the world. His wife Joanika is a sculptor and art teacher in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta.

    After Borge retired a few years ago due to old age (he's turning 91 this month) their house became a main source of income, serving as a bed & breakfast and a place where people could hold special events.

    Sadly, on February 1st, 2012, a bizarre combination of hard eastern winds, a warm chimney and dust under the thatched roof resulted in a dust explosion which ignited the roof in a matter of minutes. At first we thought it was a chimney fire, but it turned out it was this bizarre happening. It had nothing to do with sparks from the chimney. Within hours on this frigid February day, their home and their life's work together was burned to ashes, leaving them out in the cold with nothing but the clothes they were wearing.

    Thankfully, Borge and Joanika (and the two cats) escaped with their lives! Even though their home, their business, and all of their belongings are gone, we need to remind them that they still have their friends!

    The local community has been very generous to help them with food and clothes and a warm place to stay, and soon a temporary house will be arranged for.

    Borge and Joanika's house was well insured; however, the income they had from their activities within the house are not covered. Rebuilding may take about a year. For Borge and Joanika, generating an income will be difficult until the house has been rebuilt.

    This website, help.borgering.com, has been put together by Borge and Joanika's daughter, Anne Mieke, and the development team of CMS Made Simple, in order to help them recover and find a way to replace their lost income until their house has been rebuilt.

    Anne Mieke has set up a Paypal account where you can donate a gift directly to Borge and Joanika, if you wish to help in their time of need.

    Want to make a donation via bank transfer? Click here »