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    Borge Ring

    Borge Ring with his 1984 Oscar

    Borge Ring is an artist, musician and career animator.  His most well known works include Anna & Bella, for which he won an Oscar in 1984, Oh My Darling, Run of the Mill, and a series of shorts called "Anton".

    Borge will celebrated his 91st birthday in February 2012, and resides in a rural village in the Netherlands with his wife, Joanika.

    Borge and his wife, Joanika, co-wrote and produced a short drug-education animated film in 1999 called "Run of the Mill."  Wrote one reviewer:

    Most "drug tales" come off as pedantic or condescending, with obvious warning signs and useless character clichés. That is not the case in this moving film from Danish director Børge Ring.
    The main character doesn't come from a "broken home" or the "wrong side of the tracks". He's just a kid who starts experimenting with drugs. Then the experimenting turns to habit and the habit turns to addiction. His parents do all they can to help him, they are completely involved in his life but, alas, to no avail. One of reasons this film is so effective is because it doesn't preach, blame or villainize.

    In December 2011, Borge was selected by the Annie Awards panel to receive the Winsor McCay Award.

    This special award honors career achievements and exceptional contributions to animation.  It will be awarded to Børge Ring at the 39th Annual Annie Awards ceremony in February 2012.

    The Winsor McCay Award is a very special award given to individuals in recognition of lifetime or career contributions to the art of animation in producing, directing, animating, design, writing, voice acting, sound and sound effects, technical work, music, professional teaching, and for other endeavors which exhibit outstanding contributions to excellence in animation. The Winsor McCay Award stands as one of the highest honors given to an individual in the animation.

    Since Borge has become too frail to travel, his daughter, Anne Mieke, will be traveling to Los Angeles to receive the award on his behalf.

    Joanika Ring

    Joanika Ring is an artist, sculptor, published author and teacher who trained art students in sculpture at her home until it burned on February 1, 2012.